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Origin of Our Building

February 14, 2024

The name STEUR is a pledge of honour to prolific Interbellum and early Reconstruction architect Adriaan van der Steur (1893 – 1953). He is known for designing and building Rotterdam icons such as the Boijmans van Beuningen museum, Oogziekenhuis, Erasmiaans Gymnasium, Machinist and the beautiful entrance buildings of the Maastunnel. Van der Steur constructed the STEUR building in 1932, when it still served as a power plant.

Several years ago new life was breathed into the forgotten building. We remodelled it into an active creative haven where design, innovation, sustainability and modern technologies merge with historical architecture.

We repurposed many of the original functionalities of the building. Today, abandoned nuclear fallout shelters are used as creative offices and music studios. The turbine hall is transformed into modern working spaces; still generating energy, but of a creative kind. The colossal furnace still stands proud in the middle of the grounds, inactive, but signifying the monumental nature of STEUR and reminding us to always reach for new heights.


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